Run Sheldon - Hares Strike Back!

The new Run Sheldon update is here: 
Hares Strike Back!

These are some concepts that 
I have made for the new hares.

 (\ /)

I hope you like them! :)


Childhood heroes

Some character redesigns that I have made 
of my favorite childhood heroes :)

Arale and Son Goku by Akira Toriyama 
and Astroboy by Osamu Tezuka

I have few prints left! If you are interested 
send me an email to zinkase@gmail.com

Thank you very much for your visit!


Run Sheldon - Power Costumes update!

Power Costumes is the latest and big update of Run Sheldon, 
the endless runner from the Bee Square Games and it has finally arrived in the the App-Store!

We have been working really hard to improve the game, 
and I hope you like the final result!

New HUD and new awesome patterns to enjoy!

Sheldon's closet 

New costumes shop interface

And this was our UI work in progress panel :D

Play it, it's free! :)


More character design for video game

Copyright © 2014 Bee Square  Todos los derechos reservados

Copyright © 2014 Bee Square  Todos los derechos reservados

Copyright © 2014 Bee Square  Todos los derechos reservados

Copyright © 2014 Bee Square  Todos los derechos reservados

Copyright © 2014 Bee Square  Todos los derechos reservados

Adventure Adventure Adventure

New characters designs for a video game
that I have made in Bee Square! :)

Ready for the adventure!

I love to draw big swords :)

Her name is Lavette, and she needs a brave mate 
for her next adventure.

Villains are always cool to draw.


Some character design

 Hi there!

All of these concepts were for an old and epic project at Bee Square
It is really fun when I get given these types of tasks. 
I love designing characters too :)

I love these colour palettes ^___^

The classic and crazy wizard with his owl :)

Fox power!

which one is your favorite?


H O W L #sacrifice GIF

Mi primer gif ¡qué ilusión! :D

Gracias mil Murfish por enseñarme a hacer estas cosas tan molonas!!


H O W L #sacrifice

Howl fue el personaje que escogió @dragghigat, la ganadora del concurso Fukuy x Zinkase que hicimos Samuel Molina y yo hace unas semanas.

No he podido resistirme y he añadido a Sophie, personajes inseparables de la genialosa película El castillo Ambulante, dirigida por el gran Hayao Miyazaki.

El #sacrificio fue para mí uno de los conceptos que más me gustaron de la película. Al ser un concurso hecho a través de twitter, pensé que estaría bien utilizarlo como hashtag y plasmar la idea :)

Me lo he pasado muy bien haciéndolo y espero que le guste a la ganadora!


Logo Design

Hi guys! Recently I've been making a lot of logos,
I've put some of my favourites below,
which one is your favourite? :)

You can actually see here the machines printing out
the Bee and Bird business cards, designed by me!

Printed by Oman Impresores great professionals 
and I 100% recommended them!



Scalability Solved  - Scaling cloud services

Svenska Jobb Utomlands - Recruiting Swedish talent around the world

Little Alien - Youtube channel

If you need a logo or graphic design for your business 
or personal venture then please don't hesitate to drop me 
a message here at zinkase@gmail.com 



@Fukuy x Zinkase

¿Os gusta la nueva cabecera que he hecho para el twitter de @fukuy?
De esto y muchas cosas más se alimenta Fukuy (Samuel Molina)
Puedes seguirle aquí: https://twitter.com/FuKuy

¡Me lo he pasado genial con este encargo! :D
Do you like the new @Fukuy's twitter header that I made?
Fukuy (Samuel Molina) feeds with all this nerdy stuff and much more!

You can follow him here: https://twitter.com/FuKuy

I really enjoyed with this commission! :D

¡Partcicipa en el concurso!
El primero que seacapaz de reconocer los 57 objetos se llevará una ilustración hecha por mi :)

Envía la respuesta correcta aquí: concurso.fukuy.zinkase@gmail.com

¡Buena suerte!


Bee Square Games: Sheldon's Bedtime Stories ibook

I always wanted to illustrate an interactive book for children, but I never thought that the first production (I participated in) would be as fancy as this one! I've been enjoying with the awesome Bee Square team doing it and I’m really glad to present:

This interactive book for children is our latest project and I have participated in designing and colouring all the characters. :) 

The Golden Trophy is a story about Sheldon, the tortoise. He once bested a boastful hare in a race through the forest. Winning that trophy was the best day of his life, but the story doesn’t end there… Someone wants Sheldon’s trophy and will stop at nothing to get it!

Early concept art.

Some pages of the ebook.


You can get more info about the ebook here 

Sheldon’s Bedtime Stories: The Golden Trophy 
is available on the App Store:

I would love to hear your opinion about it, get in touch! :)